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pennae aquilae

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There are at least two Cecilia Tans who are published authors. One writes thai cookbooks. I'm the one who writes baseball, science fiction, erotica, and other stuff. I'm the author of White Flames: Erotic Dreams,, the editor of Sex in the the System, the editor of Bombers Broadside, the author of The 50 Greatest Yankee Games, and so on and so forth.

I started this LJ mostly as a way to keep track of all my other LJ friends, as I've had my own personal website at www.ceciliatan.com since the inception of the world wide web. I've redone that site with WordPress in recent years and the blog there is a mirror (more or less) of this one located at (blog.ceciliatan.com).

I'm also on Shelfari, Goodreads, and I have a Facebook fan page as well as a personal FB. I'm on MySpace but find it too horrible to deal with, so all I do there is repost stuff from here.

Follow me at http://twitter.com/ceciliatan
Follow Circlet Press at http://twitter.com/circletpress
Gems/duds from the Circlet slush pile http://twitter.com/circletslush
Follow Daron at http://twitter.com/daron_moondog

Friending Policy

It's totally cool for you to friend this journal. No really. But just know I'm scattershot at friending back. I try to actually figure out if I know someone before I friend back, and sometimes I just can't figure out who you are. Other times I'll just space. I'm lame about keeping up with my flist anyway, so even if I friend you back, I will miss reading the majority of your posts. Please do not take it personally if you don't get friended back or if it seems like I never read your journal. (Hell, I don't even read my own email.)

My Other Sites and Blogs

  1. My main web site is blog.ceciliatan.com.
  2. I have an online baseball magazine called Why I Like Baseball. It updates sporadically, averaging to weekly but not every week.
  3. I am running a crowdfunded serial novel called Daron's Guitar Chronicles that updates every M/W/F.
  4. Circlet Press, my small publishing company, has a recently revamped blog and site, whose URL is currently www.circlet.com. I am writing a weekly gay male high fantasy erotic serial there every Wednesday entitled The Prince's Boy.
  5. I also write Harry Potter fanfic to amuse myself and my fellow fans, under the name Ravenna C. Tan. It's not a big secret, though I do not often openly mix my two personas. I'm not so much worried about either legal repercussions or even the stigma of "fanfic writing" (*snort*--I wrote professionally for how any decades before I started writing fic? Really not worried about that.) The whole point of my enjoyment in fanfic is that it is NOT a professional obligation, I do it for pure fun and want to keep it that way. If you'd like to read some of my scorchingly hot--if I do say so myself--fanfic, check out the Ravenna journal and you'll find it all.
  6. My Amazon wish list

What else?

I'm notoriously bad about keeping up with my email--even with all the spam and mailing lists filtered out, I had over 3000 unread messages in 2005, and over 5000 from 2006. As for how many I answered? I'm pleased to say I'm running about even: just over 5000. Again not mailing lists, just regular email for me and from me. In other words, I get about 50% of my email. The rest, I will never see until someone makes 48 hours in the day. So, if you emailed and didn't get an answer, the highest likelihood is that it's in the 50% of messages I will never even see the subject lines of.

Update for 2010: believe it or not, for most of 2008 and 2009 I was caught up with email... and now it's buried me again. I do TOO MUCH. Live with it. I do.

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