September 25th, 2008


Tweets for Today

  • 10:30 Well, slept better if not enough last night. Conked right out at 5am and woke up at 11am. Must be at airport tomorrow, though, at 9am. Ugh. #
  • 23:28 Leaving for NC. If you have friends in Carolinas, send them to the FFF! $10 admission to all vending and classes! #
  • 01:35 Oops, got to get clothes out of the dryer before I finish packing. Everything's ready to go for this trip... except clothes. Corset? Hmm. #
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In North Carolina

It's 9:47 in the morning and I'm sitting at Logan airport, blogging. I'm on the way to Charlotte for the second Fetish Fair Fleamarket I'm running down there. With the economy the way it is, gas prices, home forcelosures, McCain calling for a halt to the campaign until the crisis is "fixed" (yeah right), I worry that attendance is going to be seriously hurt at the event.

If it is, I stand to lose up to $3,000 out of pocket. Which I don't have. My estimates on attendance as they stand right now are that we'll just about break even. But I really hope that we get a good turnout. If 500 people would show up, we'd not only break even, we'd make back the shortfall from last year and thus have broken even over the two years.

Worrying about money is one of the worst things for my health, though, apparently. My RSI has been aching like a bitch and every day I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. But the worst stress is the stress over things that are out of your control. And how many people show up is not something that is in my control. I've done all I can to get the word out and make the event worth going to. I have to hope for the best after that.

Now in Charlotte! And finally on free wifi.
On top of it all, there's a gasoline shortage in the Carolinas! It's incredible. I've had people call me to say they tried seven different stations and couldn't find any gas, and if they kept driving around they were not going to have enough to get here tomorrow. And once they do get here, they'll be stranded if they can't get more here. If we see our attendance really drop, that would probably be a major factor.