August 31st, 2006

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Technology and Paper

So, there is a hoity toity fancy paper store near my house called the PaperSource, where you can get what you need if you want to andmake your own blank book or wedding invitations made of paper pressed with ostrich feathers or what have you.

I went in there today to buy some paper suitable for calligraphing on. Ifreely admit that I am not a visual artist. I cannot draw. I cannot paint. But I am a writer. Therefore I *can* letter things. As a kid I learned some calligraphy and from time to time I do still like to write a physical letter with ink and paper.

Lettering is an entirely different skill from handwriting. My handwriting is terrible and continues to get worse, the less I use it and the more I type. (It was never great.) But *lettering*, which one is forced to do when one writes with a quill, as I do when I do this sort of thing, is different.

I was quite annoyed to find, then, that the paper I bought for lettering on is actually suitable for running through a laser printer or ink jet printer, but as such, is coated with something that makes the paper less absorbent than it should be. But I need it to be absorbent so that the ink will set and dry, rather than sit in uneven droplets on the page. *sigh*

Time to search the internet for some actual calligraphic vellum. I need some new ink while I'm at it--the only inkwell that still has ink in it is royal blue ink, and sometimes blue isn't appropriate.

And no, this has nothing to do with my Harry Potter fetish. I was into calligraphy and writing with a quill long before the Wizarding world ate my brain.

My next goal: clear enough space and time to start learning Chinese brush calligraphy. Maybe someday.