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I don’t understand why people love me.

And that’s probably what a lot of my troubles that tour boiled down to. I was coming to terms faster with the fact that I could love other people without understanding it than I was the opposite.

By showtime the heat had let up a little, so it was hot but in a bearable way. There were large fans set up on either side of the stage, strategically placed to make up for the lack of breeze.

“Is this my first time in Alabama?” I asked Flip.

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Cover Poll and Liner Notes: February 2017

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I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to pick a cover for volume 11 of the ebook compilations. Please leave your feedback in comments below, or just vote in the poll (if you’re on LJ or RSS you may have to click through to the original post to make sure your vote is registered):

Which cover design do you like best for DGC Vol 11?

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Meanwhile, hello, folks! It’s been a (moon)dog’s age since we had a liner note, so it’s high time we had one! Keep reading for tidbits and cool stuff we’ve accumulated about rock and roll, gay rights and visibility, and other topics that intersect with Daron’s Guitar Chronicles.

Before we get started officially under the cut, I also wanted to point out that you all are on the verge of triggering another Saturday post–two weeks in a row. Here’s how close you are:
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Kiss the Dirt

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I don’t understand my own ego.

How can I be so invested in self-expression that I’ll tell people it’s my reason for living, and at the same time be so self-effacing I almost erase myself sometimes?

Flip tapped the watch on his wrist to tell me it was time for Vitamin F. I took the bottle out of my jacket pocket–remember, I was carrying it around like a talisman–and tapped one out into my hand. I counted the ones left.

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Cruising for Bruising

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(Thanks to generous donations last week from readers to our Paypal account, here is a Saturday post! Enjoy! -ctan)
On the bus to the venue, Flip sat down with me to strategize pharmaceuticals management. We decided on a Flexeril 30 minutes before soundcheck, another one 30 minutes before showtime (five hours later), and debated whether there was something else I could do in between the two that wouldn’t interact badly (i.e. no booze) or wreck my singing voice (i.e. nothing smoked). He had been doing some research, he said–though he didn’t say how–and didn’t think it was wise for us to mix in most other downers or relaxants (i.e. valium) but he’d see what he could come up with.

The venue was an indoor sports arena at the local university and it was big. Twice as big as I expected from that description, anyway. This place was bigger than Madison Square Garden.

By the way, no one’s explained to me why arenas like Madison Square Garden are called “gardens.” In Boston there’s the Boston Garden (now the TD Garden, thanks to naming rights). There’s no field or grass or flowers at these indoor stadiums so why the name? Just to make us think of a time when all sports were outdoor sports? I don’t know.

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Ziggy and I slept in the same bunk. Good thing we’re small.

We didn’t conk out right away. We lay there, spooned, our heads on the same pillow, talking quietly for a little while.

“I guess I really can’t get out of going to your family Christmas this year,” Ziggy said with a low chuckle.

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Everybody Knows

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At almost midnight, Flip came and knocked on the door of the suite where Ziggy and I had, for lack of a better term, fucked each other silly and then passed out. When we’d woken we’d had room service, and we had just gotten out of a very long shower when the knock came.

You should’ve seen me before the shower. “Is it all right to get these wet?” I had asked, while staring at the gold ring on my finger.

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HARD RHYTHM is rock star romance with a kinky beat! Out today!

hard-rhythm-cover-200x300Yes! It’s finally here! The third book in the Secrets of a Rock Star series went live on Amazon at midnight and by now you should be able to buy it from every other bookselling place, as well, including:

IndieBound (local independent bookstores) | Amazon | Publisher website | Walmart (!) | Barnes & Noble | Apple iBooks | Google Play | Kobo

If you’d like to read a hot relatively spoiler-free excerpt, RT Magazine posted a Hump Day hotness one a few weeks ago: Hump Day Excerpt of Cecilia Tan’s HARD RHYTHM

Reviews coming in!

“As always, Cecilia is at the top of her game, giving hot, steamy sex together with characters you care about. Relationships you want to succeed, packed full of naughtiness. I’ve said it before, and I continue to stand by it, Cecilia Tan is one of the greatest writers of smut out there. Few others can combine the tenderness of a budding romantic relationship together with the endorphin packed beginning of D/S relationship the way she has with the Secrets of a Rock Star series.” — Robin just posted that to her BookLikes blog!

“Madison and Chino are a bit older [both 29] than the previous characters and their internal dialogues as well as their actions show more maturity.” and “The Hamilton sisters and [Madison] address a threat to their club in smart and calculated ways emphasizing that even if each woman in this series feels best on her knees before a hot man, she is still a powerful force to be reckoned with.” — From BDSM author and educator TammyJo Eckhart on Goodreads

If you missed it before, Publisher’s Weekly gave it a starred review, too!

“If you, like me, adore cocky heroes with soft centers, then Chino’s the one for you,” says Stacey Voigt’s Bedtime Stories! “Cecilia Tan handles the sizzling hot sex scenes with an expert touch, keeping the action going while still addressing the realities that take place alongside intimacy, particularly kinky intimacy.”

(Loved this comment from a reader on FB today!)


Throughout the day today various excerpts will be appearing, shared online by various folks. I’ll add links here as they go live or you can see them in my Twitter feed (@ceciliatan) and Facebook page!

Excerpt 1. On Cailin Briste’s blog
Excertp 2. On Tara Sue Me’s Facebook page

Official description:

Are they ready to go all the way?

Maddie Rofel has seen it all. Even the kinkiest games she witnesses working as a hostess in L.A.’s most exclusive private sex club fail to shock her, much less turn her on. Until the night she has a very personal encounter with drummer Chino Garcia, and the two discover an intimate connection neither can deny. Suddenly the jaded hostess is softening under Chino’s touch, and submitting in ways she never expected . . .

All his life, Chino has been running from something. Normally he beats back his demons by losing himself in his music. Now he’s losing himself in Maddie. And, while it drives Chino wild when Maddie bares her body to him, what he really wants is for Maddie to bare her soul. For that, Chino will have to push Maddie past her furthest limits-and share his own dark secrets.


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It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

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We got into a cab in front of the hotel in St. Louis. The weather was a hot drizzle, with the temperature around ninety and the air like soup. The cab driver was a black guy who definitely didn’t seem to think he had anyone but maybe a couple of college kids in his cab. Ziggy was still in stealth mode and I didn’t gel my hair or anything, just pulled it back in an elastic which meant the red streaks weren’t all that visible.

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Here I Am (Come And Take Me)

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I woke up at five in the morning having a dream about Jordan. It was a super realistic dream where we were working on a project together and somehow we needed a piece of equipment they didn’t have in the studio and we were going to various lengths to try to get it, which included driving all over sketchy parts of Newark in Jonathan’s red hatchback.

And then I realized I was in Missouri with Ziggy and my head was killing me.

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