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pennae aquilae - May 27th, 2007

Date: 2007-05-27 16:31
Subject: Blogging the Barbecue
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So, it's a holiday weekend, and we're having a barbecue. And it being the 21st century, I am blogging it.

Thus far several steaks have been cooked, 1905 Salad, fruit salad, and spicy cucumber salad have been served and partly eaten. One whole pitcher of red sangria, almost a whole pitcher of iced tea (dragon eyes black), half a large bottle of Ommegang belgian-style beer have been drunk so far. A pitcher of white sangria is waiting to be made next, two whole chickens are about to go on the grill, anotehr steak just came off, and many many burgers, both veggie and meat have already disappeared.

I'm in the kitchen and there are probably things that went onto the grill and were eaten before they ever made it in here.

In attendance we have about 18 people, including sensesurfer, katertoticus, klingonlandlady, vanguardcdk, and many others whose LJ names I can't think of off the top of my head.

More to come if I feel like it...

4:43 PM -- I've been admonished to mention the cheeses. And grilled vegetables are about to occur. Also Liz brought a package of freeze dried okra from Kotobukiya, the japanese market around the corner. Yummy!

5:18 -- I made the white sangria myself, with peaches and oranges in it. And triple sec. And cointreau. ANd now... typing is a supreme act of concentration...

5:26 -- well, attendance is up to around 26, not counting the kids, but then 4 folks just left. Expecting the next wave to arrive soon. Sun has come out again after a brief gray period. Birds are singing. Damn it's nice summer is here and that I can drink fancy beer again.

6:23 pm -- the two chickens have come off the grill and are the juiciest chickens ever. I've been sharing a leg with Varenka (aka Renki, one of our cats) and we are both loving it. Good job, corwin! (well, I brined them & prepped them, but he applied the fire...) Bunch more people have arrived but I'm still to tipsy to get their LJ names right...

8:22 -- Winding down a bit. Tai gau came out and has been asleep on Jared's lap now for like half an hour. Jared is stuck here until he wakes up, I guess. We had ice cream bon bons from Trader Joe's, a Gateau cake from TJ's also, and... I forget what else. corwin had ambitions to make a drink using the pineapple but ran out of steam. We may be about to play a round of Boggle indoors now that it is getting dark outside.

8:30 -- and now corwin is breaking out the Bushmills 10 year. Just sayin'.
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