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pennae aquilae - Nifty facts, update on DGC web serial experiment

Date: 2010-02-17 02:29
Subject: Nifty facts, update on DGC web serial experiment
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Over 150 people have voted in the Rose & Bay Awards for crowdfunded creativity in the fiction category! The other really popular category is "Other" which is where most of the webcomics are nominated, too. I'm discovering a lot of cool stuff to read this way.

There are 12 days left in the voting period, which ends Feb 28th. So just a reminder if you haven't done it already, you can vote by filling out the LJ poll here:

If you have friends who want to vote and they don't have an LJ, they can leave an anonymous comment with their name and the recipient of their vote.

Right now my own project, Daron's Guitar Chronicles, is tied for first place with CE Murphy's Hot Time In Old Town, which was itself a fascinating experiment in crowdfunding--to read it, I think one has to pay $10. I suppose it's like my online fiction is currently busking for change on the street corner, whereas she's playing a club gig with a cover charge on the door. I aspire to that at some point.

I'm psyched because someone actually threw $3 in the hat this week, though. How awesome is that? And then I got to meet the person in Providence! We were talking about the web serial and I was like "Someone just donated to the site!" "I know! That was me!"
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